Delegates from the AEF Attends the FEI Jumping World Challenge 2022 at the APM Equestrian Center’s Cinta Indonesia Open 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sunday, October 29th, 2022. © Hannah Saskya Bingei

APM Equestrian Center has become a well-known professional equestrian show venue in Indonesia the last couple years, and this year alongside with its annual Marciano Cup of the 15th Cinta Indonesia Open ©, asthe 2nd and 3rd Competition of the 2022 FEI Jumping World Challenge in Indonesia was held. To make this competition even more special, Indonesia has been honored by the presence of the Secretary General, Mr. Bader Al Darwish, and Deputy Secretary General Mr. Abid Salim Khan Tarin of the Asian Equestrian Federation (AEF) all the way from Qatar. Mr. Bader Al Darwish is a man with many influential positions, namely, currently the AEF Secretary General, the President of the Qatar Equestrian Federation (QEF), and also the CEO of the Qatar Racing Club (QRC). On the other hand, Mr. Abid S. K. Tarin also has been a familiar face for a long time in the Asian equestrian world – being the Deputy Secretary General for the AEF, a Board Member of the International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF) and also an ex- Secretary General of the Pakistan Equestrian Federation (PEF).

The President of the Indonesian Sporthorse Society (Ketum PP PORDASI), Triwatty Marciano, has expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the attending of these delegates. “The presence of the Secretary General of the AEF and his Deputy has been an honor for PP Pordasi as a national federation of equestrian sports, adding to the motivation for Indonesian athletes, especially those competing in the 2022 FEI JWC,” said Triwatty.

This year’s FEI Jumping World Challenge reaped satisfying results, with many upcoming young, talented riders up on the podium:

Day 1: the Competition 2 of the FEI Jumping World Challenge had Natasha Christabel Herjawan with her mare Happy Rose of Herjawan Horses taking home the Category A (120-130 cm), and Putri Hamidjojo taking home the first-place ribbon with Just London from Trijaya Equestrian Centre for the Category B (110-120 cm). For the Category C (100-110 cm), first place went to Nathanael Frediboy with APM Wadecky from the home stables of APM Equestrian Centre. Lente Marin Idema with her KWPN mare Faye from Royal Sporthorse Bali had to settle with second place in this Category.

Going on to Day 2: Competition 3 of the FEI Jumping World Challenge also had the same participants doing the same classes: Natasha Christabel Herjawan took home again the FEI Jumping World Challenge Category A champion ribbon with Happy Rose from Herjawan Horses. In Category B, Putri Hamidjojo also took home the first place with Just London from Trijaya Equestrian Centre. Finally, in Category C, this time Lente Marin Idema and Faye from Royal Sporthorse Bali took all their chances to bring home the first-place ribbon, while Nathanael Frediboy Eman with APM Wadecky had to settle with second place in this Category, just swapping places from the previous Competition 2 the day before.

Due to the pandemic, this year there has not been as many rider athlete participants as the previous years; additionally there has also been a wider range of riders and horses already signed up for and competing in the FEI World Cup Qualifiers of 2021 and attending the higher International levels of competition in Europe (Holland and Germany). Hence, according to certain athlete rules from the FEI, they are not able to join certain competitions, name one of them is the FEI World Jumping Challenge. However, on a positive note, this year’s Cinta Indonesia Open showed many athletes competing in the 90 and 100 cm classes, with more than 40+ entries per class, proving that there are a large amount of possible potential FEI World Jumping Challenge participants for next year (2023) as the riders of this year are consistently going up the classes’ levels.

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