Menpora Participates in the History of PP.Pordasi Inauguration

Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Zainudin Amali greets Chief of PP. Pordasi (the Board of the Indonesian Horse Sports Association) Hj. Triwatty Marciano

The inauguration of The board of The Indonesian Horse Sport Association (PP.Pordasi) was held in one of the Ballroom at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta. Management of PP.Pordasi who was appointed this time is able to provide The Province Board (Pengprov) Pordasi’s need and accomodate professionals.

Each Pengprov has representatives in PP.Pordasi and this is has been provided on PP. Pordasi period 2020 – 2024. This is needed to build a good relation between PP.Pordasi and Pengprov, so that collaboration will be done to the maximum level. Also, the Pengprov representative in PP.Pordasi will be more responsible with theirs area of ​​origin.

The management of PP.Pordasi is also filled by professionals in their fields. First sample, a professor from Jakarta State University (UNJ), Prof. Asmawi. His expertise is needed to develop sport science in Horse Sport. There is also Widodo Edi Sektianto who is an alumnus of the National Resilience Institute of Republic of Indonesia (Lemhannas). Not only Prof.Asmawi and Widodo, PP.Pordasi also has Bambang Hartawan, who expected to help in promotion and relation. As for, Saut Situmorang, the former head of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) was present as a supervisor. There are also many other professionals.

One of the goals to attract professionals is to socialize Horse sports outside the horse community. During this time, Horse Sports only an exclusive issue with those who really like Horse sports. Hj. Triwatty wants a socialization about Horse Sport outside the community so that it could attract more people.

Professionals do not understand horse riding today, but this is not a threat because they are not responsible for technicalities. Horse Sport activists will carry out technical work on several commissions under PP. Pordasi. Some of the commissions developed include Pacu (horse racing), Equestrian, Polo, Horseback Archery and Animal Breeding, Health and Horse Registration.

The Commission on Animal Breeding, Health and Registration is led by Maj. Gen. (ret) Ben Rimba, becomes the one who will bring innovation. The planing of the commission is not only focus on breeding issues but also database collection. This commission will create an online horse registration system to faster data collection from all over Indonesia.

Besides the management of PP.Pordasi, this inauguration was special because it sculpt on the history of sports organizations in Indonesia. The assosiation for whole the sports organization namely the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) inaugurated the management of PP. Pordasi 2020 – 2024.

As the last name of the Chief of PP. Pordasi 2020 – 2024, General Chief of KONI Pusat, Lt. Gen. (ret.) Marciano Norman is the husband of Hj.Triwatty. “Inauguration like this may not exist before, I am doing inaugurating for my wife today.”, Said Marciano in his speech.

Marciano Norman with Triwatty Marciano

Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali participated in the inauguration. He was witness of the history that the KONI Central Chief inaugurate his wife as Chief of PP.Pordasi, the Organization of Sports.

Zainudin Amali gave his appreciation to the management of PP. Pordasi 2020 – 2024. Appreciation is given because the management’s enthusiasm to be actively involved in building Horse Sport. The number of enthusiastic administrators is also not half-hearted. “The management is complete, such as political parties (the number)”, said a member of Golkar Party who is mandate as minister.

With so many enthusiastic horse sport activists involved in PP.Pordasi’s management, the Menpora believes this in push the spirit of achievement. Zainudin also advised to focus on good organizational governance.

A good organization according to Zainudin, is expected to be able to bring competition with elements of tourism, the development of sport science in coaching and also budget transparency. Budget transparency is one of the crucial things. Potential abuse of government and private budgets will be reflected in the transparency of the budget undertaken. With a transparent budget, the government and the private sector are safer to provide assistance or cooperation.

PP.Pordasi period 2020 – 2024 pays attention to related to transparent organizational governance. One of the former KPK leaders from 2015 to 2019 was also given the mandate to become a supervisor of PP.Pordasi this time. With the Saut Situmorang, it is hoped that there will be supervision to realize the transparency of PP.Pordasi financial report.

Thus, PP. Pordasi is more efficient and effective in using funds, both from the government and the private sector. The good use of transparent budgets will also have an impact on increasing interest in working together.

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