Minister of Youth and Sports attends PP Pordasi inauguration

The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) inaugurates Triwatty Marciano, as the Chief of the Indonesian Horse Sports Association (PP.Pordasi) in Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Friday, 28/02/2020. She’s the first female to ever lead the federation for 2020-2024 period. 

“This kind of inauguration may never happen before, because I inaugurated my wife today,” said Marciano Norman, who also served as KONI’s chairman in a speech. 

The Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali, who also witnessed the inauguration, expressed his appreciation and hopes for the new PP.Pordasi management. 

“The composition of the management is very complete, the numbers are similar to political parties,” said Zainudin. 

With many enthusiatism showed from equestrian sports activists that are involved in management, Zainudin optimists it can spur passion for achieving the best performance. Zainudin also advised to focus on good organizational governance.

Good organizational governance is hoping to increase tourism potential, innovation in horse riding and also transparency in budget management, Zainudin added. 

As Chief, Triwatty is expected to professionally accommodate the various needs of all PP.Pordasi management at the provincial level. She is also required to be able to establish good communication between central and regional management to be able to create good collaboration. 

For this to work properly, the representative of the management at the provincial level (Pengprov) is also expected to have the responsibility to their homebase. 

In its management, KONI also appointed several professionals to be involved in advancing Horse sports in Indonesia through PP.Pordasi.

Among others are Jakarta State University’s Science Professor, Asmawi. His skill is expected to be able to develop scientific innovation in Horse sports. Widodo Edi Sektianto from KONI, and Bambang Hartawan, a senior army officer, who is expected to help in promotion and communication. 

Former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)’ chairman Saut Situmorang is also joined the force as the supervisor. 

Saut’s experience and capability will help the foundation to keep the budget transparancy on the right track.  With transparency, the potential for budget misuse can be eliminated. So that, both government and private, can be safer in providing assistance or cooperation.

Triwatty hoped that the appointed professionals would be able to carry out technical roles in several commissions under the PP.Pordasi. The commissions that will be developed are Pacu, Equestrian, Polo, Horseback Archery, and also Animal Husbandry, Health and Horse Registration.

The Head of Commission on Animal Husbandry, Health and House Registration, Ben Rimba, is one that will bring innovation. It is planned that the commission will not only focus on marital issues but also data collection. This commission will create an online horse registration system to speed up data collection from all over Indonesia.

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