National Federation Conference Held by The Indonesian Sporthorse Society (PP PORDASI) to Improve Organizational Governance Going Forwards.

Good organizational governance is the key to managing sport associations and leading athletes to achievements. This is because outstanding athletes are born from continuous coaching programs that continues to be adapted to the times, which is carried out by performance sports coaching organizations.

The Indonesian Sporthorse Society (National Federation, PP PORDASI)  is well aware of this, which is why the 2024 Hybrid PORDASI Extraordinary National Conference (Munaslub) was held with the theme ‘Organizational Transformation, Realizing PORDASI’s Independence’. The Munaslub was held with the sole agenda of ratifying the AD/ART 2024. This Munaslub was officially opened symbolically with the blow of the gong by the Chairman of the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), Lt. Gen. TNI [Retired] Marciano Norman on June 8, 2024, at the Aston Kartika Grogol Hotel, Jakarta.

The opening was attended by the Central KONI management, such as Head of Organization, Ex- Major General TNI, Eko Budi S.; Head of Research and Development, Erizal Chaniago; Deputy Head of Organization, Eman Sumusi; and Deputy Head of Media and Public Relations of Central KONI, Tirto. Also present was the Supervisory Board of PP.PORDASI, Drs. Thony Saut Situmorang.

The Chairman of the Central KONI appreciates the enthusiasm of the extended PORDASI family to improve the organization for the purpose of sporting achievements. “All of this will develop well if organizational governance is also improved from time to time,” says Marciano.

“Sports development is better if the organization has sufficient autonomy, so it is necessary for us to adapt to the times to raise the Commission’s current status to become a National Federation or independent sport branch,” explained the Chairman of the Central KONI, commenting on the PORDASI Organizational Transformation concept.

Several commissions such as Racing, Equestrian, Polo and Horseback Archery, which are under the PP. PORDASI according to the 2020 PORDASI AD/ART will become four National Federations in the 2024 PORDASI AD/ART. This has become the sole agenda for main discussion, to ensure that in the future there will be four national federations prospective Central KONI members, among others as follows: PORDASI Pacu will be internationally affiliated with the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA), and PORDASI Equestrian, that is already a member of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).

As of the current condition for polo, on behalf of the Indonesian Polo Association, is a member of the Federation of International Polo (FIP). In the future, there will be confirmation and improvement on the position of PORDASI Polo as a member of FIP.

Horseback Archery (HBA) will also determine its international federation status soon, including forming a regional federation with Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

The Chairman of the Central KONI also reminded the Federation to not be complacent and always be critical for better organizational governance. “I hope that all of PP PORDASI’s administrators, and any Chairs of Pengprov who were present offline and online, will clearly see the benefits for the organization. “Look at the added value provided to the organization itself, we should also not be quickly satisfied with existing situations,” he said.

“Differences are normal, but finding the best solution for the common good is also a necessity,” said the Chairman of the Central KONI.

Chairman of PP PORDASI, Triwatty Marciano explained that the 2024 PORDASI National Conference was attended by 17 Pengprov (Provinces) out of the 25 existing Pengprov. The discussions carried out were narrowed down, because previously there had been a Transformation Team whose members consisted of several PP PORDASI representatives and three additional representatives from each Pengprov. It was also mentioned that the 2024 PORDASI AD/ART which will be ratified will be the basis for the 2024 PORDASI.

If the 2024 PORDASI AD/ART is ratified, the 2024 PORDASI XIV National Conference will elect four Ketum Head Commisions – for the Pacu PORDASI, the Equestrian PORDASI, the Polo PORDASI and the Archery Horse Riding PORDASI. Simply put, the position of all Head Commissioners (Ketua Umum) PORDASI Pacu, PORDASI Equestrian, PORDASI Polo and PORDASI Equestrian Archery who will be elected, has a more significant position compared to the 2020 AD/ART PORDASI, where there was only Ketum PP PORDASI as Chairman of the Commissions.

As a result, the leadership Board will be filled with big names who are expected to be able to lead athletes to win championships, in addition to building the equestrian sports industry.

Discussing PORDASI Pacu, one of the prospective candidates whose name has been going around is Aryo Djojohadikusumo, one because, since continuing the leadership of the late H.Alex Asmasoebrata, DKI Jakarta’s name as a Province has been doing well in terms of its achievements as a Province. The province of DKI Jakarta has become national champion several times in various sports, including national horse racing, equestrian and archery national championships, including being able to hold three national championships all at once in 2023.

One of the recent achievements was the winning of the 57th PORDASI National Horse Racing Championship Series 1 in 2023 in the 3 Year Old A/B class of the 2,000 meter Indonesian Derby. This superior class achievement was achieved by the horse Bintang Maja dh King Bejo, owned by H. Obeng Sobari with jockey Ended Rahmat.

For PORDASI Equestrian, there are several names such as the current Secretary General of PP.PORDASI, namely Adinda Yuanita, who is an Equestrian figure & owner of the stable Equinara Horse Sports, based in the Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas facility. There is also the name Rafiq Hakim Radinal, owner of Arthayasa Stables and also on the current supervisory board of PP.PORDASI.

Next there is Ferry Kono who is currently on the Supervisory Board of LPDUK, who was also the former Secretary General of KOI. No less than the great, former Ketum PP.PORDASI Eddy Saddak (H.M.Chaidir Saddak), who could also be another option, considering the change to PORDASI Equestrian rules that would allow him to run again.

Continuing on to the HBA, it is possible that the current Chairman of the HBA Commission PP. PORDASI, Major General TNI Agape Zacharia Dondokambey, will become one of the leading figures in the HBA community. During his leadership, HBA has developed well, starting from organizational governance, rules formation and regeneration.

Lastly, Polo, which is currently managed by the Polo Commission; this Commission is led by RM. Harkat Boedi Susetio that is also supported by the Treasurer Gozali Romli Azis, Competition Coordinator Bangun PW Marpaung, and also Public Relations Coordinator Hendra Sukanto. Apart from this, there is also H.Mohammad Bunyamin, who is also now one of the supervisory boards of PP.Pordasi.

Not to be left behind is also Sugiono, who once led the PP PORDASI Polo Commission.

Of course, apart from these names, there are also other suggested persons, such as Clarinda Tjian Dharmadi, owner of the Semper Anticus Polo club, who once made Indonesia’s name famous because of her achievements at the Cirencester Ladies Open in England in August 2022.

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