Nurstdinov Zayan Fatih has Complete Pink Polo Event: South East Asian Equestrian Federation 2024

Jakarta, Indonesia – [20 February 2024] – The Indonesian Sport Horse Society (PP PORDASI as the National Equestrian Federation) and Indonesian branch of the South East Asian Equestrian Federation (SEA EF) are thrilled to express our heartfelt congratulations and appreciation following the attendance of Indonesia’s young rider at the recent weekend’s Pink Polo event on 17th February 2024, particularly highlighting the participation of the talented Dinov in the Showjumping Competition CSIJB.

This event, hosted by the Thai Equestrian Federation (TEF) and also supported by the South East Asian Equestrian Federation (SEA EF), has not only showcased the exceptional skills of the South East Asian athletes but has also underscored the unwavering dedication of coaches, parents, and national federations across South East Asia. These entities continue to work tirelessly to foster opportunities for our youth, ensuring the bright future of equestrian disciplines.

The Pink Polo Event, celebrated for its impeccable organization and stunning venue at the Thai Polo and Equestrian Club in Pattaya, Thailand, has been an outstanding platform for athletes to demonstrate their prowess and passion for equestrian sports. PP PORDASI as the National Equestrian Federation of Indonesia extends its deepest gratitude to TEF and SEAEF for their significant role in bringing this Southeast Asian equestrian spectacle to life. Additionally, with Indonesian representatives currently active in the South East Asian Equestrian Federation, we hope to be able to bring more competitions available to the area in the future.

Furthermore, we extend our congratulations to all participants for their achievements and commend the Thai Polo Club for hosting such a memorable event. The experiences garnered here are invaluable and will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of our athletes.

PP PORDASI and SEA EF is proud to stand with the Indonesian athlete Nurstdinov Zayan Fatih, his coach Albert Pelealu, and parents from DnV Stable, who have shown exceptional dedication and spirit. Even if not getting a podium this time, there is only one way from here, which is to go onwards and upwards. Together with the neighborhood SEA national federations and host NFs, we remain committed to nurturing talent and opening pathways for the Asian equestrian stars of tomorrow.

Let us continue to celebrate the successes of our youth and the promising future of equestrian sports in Indonesia and beyond.

Saskya Bingei

South East Asia Equestrian Federation Deputy Secretary General

[For South East Asia Equestrian Affairs]

About PP PORDASI, the Indonesian Sporthorse Society (National Equestrian Federation):

PP PORDASI is dedicated to the development and promotion of equestrian sports in Indonesia. It supports riders at all levels, from grassroots to international competitions, and is committed to fostering talent and passion for equestrian sports across the country of Indonesia. The main office and secretariat is based in the nation’s capital of Jakarta, Indonesia.

About SEA EF, the South East Asian Equestrian Federation:

SEA EF was constituted in 2007 in organizing the South East Asian Games, Regional Games, and Regional Championships within its South East Asian Member Countries. The SEA EF is supplementary to the FEI to ensure growth of equestrian sport in the SouthEast Asian Region. The main office and secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

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